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Gangopadhyay A, Devi S, Tenguria S, Carriere J, Nguyen H, Jäger E, Khatri H, Chu LH, Ratsimandresy RA, Dorfleutner A*, Stehlik C*. NLRP3 licenses NLRP11 for inflammasome activation in human macrophages. Nature Immunology, 2022, 23, 892-03. PMID:35642062  |   pdf

press coverage: Cedars Sinai  |   pdf  |  News Wise  |   pdf  |   Science News Net  |   pdf   |  News Medical Life Sciences  |   pdf  |   Daytonews  |   pdf

Khare, S, Dorfleutner, A, Bryan, NB, L., Yun, C, Radian, AD, de Almeida, L, Rojanasakul, Y, Stehlik, C. An NLRP7-containing inflammasome mediates recognition of microbial lipopeptides in macrophages. Immunity, 2012, 36, 464-476. PMID:22361007  |  pdf

Featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Reviews Immunology.Nature Reviews Immunology, 12, 358  |   pdf  |   Featured as a Research Highlight in Nature Immunology. Nature Immunology, 13, 358  |   pdf  |   press coverage: Northwestern University  |   pdf  |   The DailyNorthwestern  |   pdf  |   EurekAlert  |   pdf   |  LabSpaces  |   pdf  |   MediLexicon  |   pdf  |   Medical News Today  |   pdf  |   recommended by F1000Prime  |   pdf

de Almeida, L, Khare, S, Misharin, AV, Patel, R, Wallin, M, Perlman, HR, Greaves, DR, Hoffman, HM, Dorfleutner, A*, Stehlik, C*. The PYRIN domain-only protein POP1 inhibits inflammasome assembly and ameliorates inflammatory disease. Immunity, 2015, 43, 264-276. PMID:26275995  |  pdf

Selected for display at the Immunity website  |   pdf  |   highlighted with a Commentary by Shimada K. Timothy R. Crother T.R., and Arditi, M. (2015) POPsicle for Fever! Cooling Down the Inflammasome. Immunity, 43, 213-215  |   pdf  |   press coverage: Northwestern University  |   pdf  |   the Rheumatologist  |   pdf

Ratsimandresy, R, Chu, HL, Indramohan, M, Gangopadhyay, A, Dorfleutner, A*, and Stehlik, C*. The PYRIN domain-only protein POP2 regulates inflammasome priming and activation. Nature Communications, 2017, 8, p15556. PMID:28580931  |   pdf

Khare, S, Ratsimandresy, RA, de Almeida, L, Cuda, CM, Rellick, SL, Misharin, AV, Wallin, MC, Gangopadhyay, A, Forte, E, Gottwein, E, Perlman, H, Reed, JC, Greaves, DR, Dorfleutner, A*, Stehlik, C*. The PYRIN domain-only protein POP3 inhibits AIM2-like receptor inflammasomes and regulates responses to DNA virus infections. Nature Immunology, 2014, 15, 343-345, PMID:24531343  |  pdf

highlighted with a News and Views Commentary by Krishnaswamy J.K., Liu D. and Eisenbarth S.C. (2014) POP goes the inflammasome. Nature Immunology, 15, 311-313   |   pdf   |   selected as the cover article   |   pdf   |   featured by the Austrian Presse Agentur (APA) and MedOnline   |   pdf   | (in Italian)   |   pdf   |   Nature Asia   |   pdf   |   Feinberg News   |   pdf

Chu, HL, Indramohan, M, Ratsaimandresy, RA, Gangopadhyay, A, Morris, EP, Monack, DM, Dorfleutner, A*, and Stehlik, C*. The oxidized phospholipid oxPAPC protects from septic shock by targeting non-canonical inflammasome in macrophages, Nature Communications, 2018, 9, 996, PMID:29520027   |   pdf

Stehlik C, Dorfleutner A. COPs and POPs: modulators of inflammasome activity. J Immunol.  2007, 179, 7993-7998. PMID:18056338    |    pdf

Dorfleutner A, Chu L, Stehlik C. Inhibiting the inflammasome: one domain at a time. Immunol Rev. 2015, 265, 205-216. PMID:25879295  |  pdf