stehlik-dorfleutner lab publications 2006-2010

Dorfleutner A, Bryan NB, Talbott SJ, Funya KN, Rellick SL, Reed JC, Shi X, Rojanasakul Y, Flynn DC, Stehlik C. Cellular pyrin domain-only protein 2 is a candidate regulator of inflammasome activation. Infection and Immunity 2007, 75, p1484-1492. PMID:17178784 | pdf   |    featured as a spotlight article in Infection and Immunity  | pdf

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Lu B, Wang L, Stehlik C, Medan D, Huang C, Hu S, Chen F, Shi X, Rojanasakul Y. Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt positively regulates Fas (CD95)-mediated apoptosis in epidermal Cl41 cells. Journal of Immunology 2006, 176, p6785-6793. PMID:16709838 | pdf

Helfer B, Boswell BC, Finlay D, Cipres A, Vuori K, Bong Kang T, Wallach D, Dorfleutner A, Lahti JM, Flynn DC, Frisch SM. Caspase-8 promotes cell motility and calpain activity under nonapoptotic conditions. Cancer Research 2006, 66, p4273-4278. PMID:16618751 | pdf

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Dorfleutner A, Talbott SJ, Bryan NB, Funya KN, Rellick SL, Reed JC, Shi X, Rojanasakul Y, Flynn DC, Stehlik C. A Shope Fibroma virus PYRIN-only protein modulates the host immune response. Virus Genes 2007, 35, p685-694. PMID:17676277 | pdf

Dorfleutner A, Stehlik C, Zhang J, Gallick GE, Flynn DC. AFAP-110 is required for actin stress fiber formation and cell adhesion in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells. Journal of Cellular Physiology 2007, 213, p740-749. PMID:17520695 | pdf

Zhang J, Park SI, Artime MC, Summy JM, Shah AN, Bomser JA, Dorfleutner A, Flynn DC, Gallick GE. AFAP-110 is overexpressed in prostate cancer and contributes to tumorigenic growth by regulating focal contacts. Journal of Clinical Investigation 2007, 117, p2962-2973. PMID:17885682 | pdf

Dorfleutner A, Cho Y, Vincent D, Cunnick J, Lin H, Weed SA, Stehlik C, Flynn DC. Phosphorylation of AFAP-110 affects podosome lifespan in A7r5 cells. Journal of Cell Science 2008, 121, p2394-2405. PMID:1857757 | pdf

Bryan NB, Dorfleutner A, Rojanasakul Y, Stehlik C. Activation of inflammasomes requires intracellular redistribution of the apoptotic speck-like protein containing a caspase recruitment domain. Journal of Immunology 2009, 182, p3173-3182. PMID:19234215 | pdf   |    featured “in this issue” |  pdf

Shahrara S, Pickens SR, Dorfleutner A, Pope RM. IL-17 induces monocyte migration in rheumatoid arthritis. Journal of Immunology 2009, 182, p3884-3891. PMID:19265168 pdf

Stehlik C. Multiple interleukin-1beta-converting enzymes contribute to inflammatory arthritis. Arthritis and Rheumatology 2009, 60, p3524-3530. PMID:19950297 | pdf

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Bryan NB, Dorfleutner A, Kramer SJ, Yun C, Rojanasakul Y, Stehlik C. Differential splicing of the apoptosis-associated speck like protein containing a caspase recruitment domain (ASC) regulates inflammasomes. Journal of Inflammation 2010, 18, p7-23. PMID:20482797 | pdf   |   highly accessed article

Khare S, Luc N, Dorfleutner A, Stehlik C. Inflammasomes and their activation. Critical Reviews in Immunology 2010, 30, p463-487. PMID:21083527 | pdf