stehlik-dorfleutner lab publications 2021-2025

Carriere J, Dorfleutner A*, Stehlik C*. NLRP7: From inflammasome regulation to human disease. Immunology 2021, 163, p363-376. PMID:34021586  |   pdf 

Dagvadorj J, Mikulska-Ruminska K, Tumurkhuu G, Ratsimandresy RA, Carriere J, Andres AM, Marek-Iannucci S, Song Y, Chen S, Lane M, Dorfleutner A, Gottlieb RA, Stehlik C, Cassel S, Sutterwala FS, Bahar I, Crother TR, Arditi M. Recruitment of pro-IL-1α to mitochondrial cardiolipin, via shared LC3 binding domain, inhibits mitophagy and drives maximal NLRP3 activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA 2021, 118, e2015632118. PMID:33361152  |   pdf 

Gangopadhyay A, Devi S, Tenguria S, Carriere J, Nguyen H, Jäger E, Khatri H, Chu LH, Ratsimandresy RA, Dorfleutner A*, Stehlik C*. NLRP3 licenses NLRP11 for inflammasome activation in human macrophages. Nature Immunology 2022, 23, 892-03. PMID:35642062  |   pdf   |   press coverage: Cedars Sinai   |   pdf  |  

de Almeida L, Devi S, Indramohan M, Huang QQ, Ratsimandresy RA, Pope RM, Dorfleutner A*, Stehlik C*. POP1 inhibits MSU-induced inflammasome activation and ameliorates gout. Frontiers in Immunology 2022, 13, 912069. PMID:36225929  |   pdf     

Dorfleutner A*, Stehlik C*. Cellular signaling, molecular activation, and regulation of the noncanonical inflammasome. chapter 9 in Inflammasome Biology: Fundamentals, Role in Disease States, and Therapeutic Opportunities. ed Pablo Pelegrin. Academic Press  2022. ISBN: 9780323972062  |   pdf     

Devi S, Indramohan M, Jäger E, Carriere J, Chu LH, de Almeida L, Greaves DR, Stehlik C*, Dorfleutner A*. CARD-only proteins regulate in vivo inflammasome responses and ameliorate gout. Cell Reports 2023, 42, 112265. PMID:36930645  |   pdf     

Devi S, Stehlik C*, Dorfleutner A*. Protocol to create a murine subcutaneous air pouch for the study of monosodium urate crystal-induced gout. STAR Protocols 2024, . PMID: 38358882  |   pdf